Mistakes Beginners Make with Resin

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Resin is a popular material that can be used in different applications. Some people use it for home projects while some use it for their crafts. If you are looking for an affordable epoxy resin resurfacing Largo FL, you will surely find trusted companies.   

However, for now, we will talk about resin as a material for doing some DIY crafts and the common mistakes that beginners do on their first try at doing resin DIY projects.  


Doing projects with resin has become a popular hobby ever since the pandemic started. However, the resin is not something that should not be taken lightly as it can be difficult to tame the first time you use it. The first time I did some projects with resin, I made a lot of mistakes and I am certain that you will too on your very first try.   

Here are the common mistakes that newbies do that you should avoid:  

  1. Not reading and following the instructions carefully – I understand that you want to skip the reading part and jump to the fun part immediately. You perhaps saw your friends on Facebook and want to try it immediately. However, you are doing the wrong thing immediately too. Not reading and following the instructions start all the mistakes you can possibly do with your resin project. Does your resin have a 1:1 ratio? Should you mix by volume or by weight? For how many hours should you wait before it completely cures? Every resin project can be different and it needs special instructions that you need to follow accurately. If you do not follow just one instruction, it can lead to a lot of problems.  
  2. Not measuring accurately – it is important you also have with you your measuring cups when you are about to do your resin projects. This is extremely important as inaccurate measurements can lead to a lot of bubbles and a longer waiting curing time, which can leave you frustrated. Measuring cups are not expensive, so it does not hurt to have included them in your purchase.   
  3. Not mixing them thoroughly – another mistake that beginners do with their resin is not mixing it thoroughly. What I do is when the pot time is about 30 minutes, I will take 3 minutes of my time mixing the elements just to make sure that the mixture is thoroughly combined.   
  4. Overestimating yourself – most people do not even try doing resin projects because they think they do not have the abilities and the time. The truth is, the resin can be difficult on the first try but once you have now tried doing resin for a while, it becomes so easy and enjoyable. You just need to understand that it will take time and effort to master a craft so you will need to have some patience.   


Doing resin projects can be very enjoyable. Fret not because doing mistakes is natural especially when it is your first time. Just give yourself some time and understanding, and you will soon get there! 

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